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Chisago County HRA-EDA

Are you tired of getting stuck in traffic everyday?

Have you considered relocating your business?

Consider Chisago County…”We Are Just North Enough”

Chisago County, situated among beautiful lakes and rivers in East Central Minnesota, offers a quiet serene location for your business and residence. Chisago County, located between I-35 to the West and the beautiful scenic St. Croix River to the East, is the perfect location to mix for business with pleasure. Just 35 miles north of the Twin Cities, we are close to your customers and suppliers in the Twin Cities. The nice thing is you won’t have to deal with the headaches of traffic and congestion anymore.

What would you do with an extra two hours a day? You could spend the quality time tending to your business needs. Or, of course, you could spend a relaxing afternoon hiking through one of the two State Parks in the County or fishing or boating on one of the County’s numerous lakes and rivers. If golf is your pleasure, there are a number of golf courses within the County. In the winter months, ice fishing, down hill or cross country skiing, or snowmobiling on one of the County’s many trails can be just the thing to help you escape. As the sun sets on another stress free day, you can rest assured that you won’t have to wake up early tomorrow morning to fight with rush hour traffic.

Currently, land is available for your business development needs. We can offer land that is flat, dry and adjacent to the I-35 corridor. Rail access is available should it be needed. The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is approximately 45 minutes away.

Incentives for development are immediately available and include: tax increment financing, industrial development revenue bonds, business enterprise loan funds, employee and management training programs, revolving loan funds, Minnesota Investment Fund and SBA financing. We are willing to listen to your needs and will provide incentives as needed to complete your business development project. Chisago County and the cities within Chisago County have been receptive to using incentives to increase the tax base and attract livable wage jobs in the community. As a project proceeds, the Chisago County Housing & Redevelopment Authority-Economic Development Authority will be available to assist in assembling a financing package that meets both the company's and the County's expectations to allow the project to move forward.

Like most companies, you will likely be concerned about the labor availability in the area. Chisago County is in a unique situation in that 60% - 80% of our working residents drive outside of the County to work. These are highly skilled, highly motivated workers who would work closer to home if the jobs were available closer to home. Additionally, the Chisago County HRA-EDA is working diligently to address affordable housing, daycare and worker training needs within the County.

There are many reasons to consider Chisago County as a location for your business. The most important are the quality of life, abundant recreational opportunities, close proximity to the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, affordable land for business development, affordable housing for your employees and our strong sense of community and family.

The best thing about relocating your business to Chisago County…You will be home in time to watch the sunset.

For more information, contact the Chisago County HRA-EDA at (651) 674-5664 or by email at

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